Singing Telegrams

Singing Telegrams - Louisville, KY area - denise Mattingly
denise Mattingly - featured in Louisville Magazine
Louisville's Personalized Telegrammer - denise Mattingly

As featured in Louisville Magazine. Read the full text here

Each telegram is customized to your personal vision!

  • I can convey love and devotion or I can prank someone for you.

  • You give me the message and some insider information and I will give you a personalized little show.

  • Telegrams come with song snippets, gifts and jokes all tailored for that special someone.

  • Telegrams last about 5-7 minutes.

  • Telegrams are meant be recorded and shared.

  • All dates must be paid, in full, in advance, before practice can begin on your message.

  • Price in the Louisville, KY Metro Area: $200

  • Please inquire for out of town rates. I have a valid U.S. passport.

  • I can do a custom character if you don’t see what you need on my site.

  • I do not do any copyright-protected characters.

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Louisville Telegrams - Marilyn Monroe character

Marilyn (white)

Louisville Telegrams - hillbilly character

Euchrid the Hillbilly

Louisville Telegrams - cupid character


Louisville Telegrams - Jean Simmons character

Jean Simmons

Louisville Telegrams - bag lady character

Average Bag Lady

Louisville Telegrams - fun elf character

Fun Elf

Louisville Telegrams - leprechaun character


Louisville Telegrams - belly dancer character


Louisville Telegrams - grim reaper character

Grim Reaper

Louisville Telegrams - gorilla character


Louisville Telegrams - Easter Bunny character

Easter Bunny

Louisville Telegrams - Cyndi character